Reclaimed Heart Pine Farmhouse Table – DIY – Part 2 – Glue Up and Bread Board Ends

Old House Crazy

Part 1 – Milling Old Lumber

Part 2 – Glue Up – Bread Board Ends

Part 3 – Butterfly Joinery – Prepping the Legs

Part 4 – Mortise and Tenon Joints – Understructure

Part 5 – Final Assembly

This table has turned into a major project. I knew that I was taking on a professional-level job, but I also, quite ignorantly, thought it would only take a couple of days. HA. As you read in Part 1 of this post, I want a table that looks professionally crafted. That means quite a lot more work than a table that looks home-made. Not just a little more work, as many people think. It takes a freaking ton of extra work to make everything fit together perfectly and smoothly. If you want a really nice piece of furniture, it really IS worth all that extra money (or time in my case). This post…

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