Quartz with a Fiery Heart

The Dancing Rest

“Looking like a doorway into another dimension, this wonderful crystal of quartz held a secret within. The dark orange brown agate in the centre is surrounded by haloes of iron oxide minerals, probably haematite, and displays the iridescent 3d optical effect known as fire agate.” Loz

Image credit: Fender Minerals

Fire Agate

“Coloured a deep chocolate brown and displaying a dazzling iridescent effect somewhat similar to ammolite or opal, fire agates are one of the rarest forms of microcrystalline silica. The colours, that change when the stone is rotated under a light source are due to a phenomenon called thin film interference, something you all see in the sheen of petrol puddles on water.

The layers are composed of alternating agate and iron oxide, and usually occur in this slightly bulgy shape known to mineralogists as botryoidal. They each reflect the light differently, creating waves of interference whose colour depends…

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